Treking in Tibet

Tibet has high snowy landscapes which are very adventurous for long and short trekking. Tibet is long closed to the outside world is a land of mystery, adventure and spirituality; a home of legends, awesome landscapes, artistic monasteries and centuries old caravan trails so, Tibet Trekking provide the unique combination of all these things. Tibet has several trekking destinations among which we had selected popular adventurous trekking destinations for Tibet Trekking Package. Ecological trek offer Gaden – Sayme trek, Mount Kailash trek, Simikot-Kailash Trek and east Everest and north Everest Base Camp Trek in Tibet. Gaden – Sayme Trek starts from Lhasa and goes through the beautiful places such as Gaden, Sayme and Tsetang. It is religiously and historically important trek route of Tibet which offers the visit of holiest and historical Sayme monastery. Stunning glimpse of white capped peaks, scenery of beautiful Tibetan landscapes, Buddhist prayer ceremonies and Tibetan religious life style are the additional attraction of this trek.

Another adventurous and popular trek in Tibet is North Everest Base Camp Trek which starts from the Lhasa and reaches to north Everest base camp through Gyantse, Shigatse, Old Tingri, and Rongphu. After admiring the beautiful scene from north Everest base camp trek, trek returns through the Old TingriZhamu route. Mount Kailash trek Zhamu is another popular trek in Tibet. This route goes through Nyalam, Saga, Paryang, Manasarowor and Darchen and this trek is another adventurous trek in Tibet. Alternative most adventurous trek in Tibet is east Everest and north Everest Base Camp trek. This trek starts from the Lhasa and it reach to east Everest base camp through Gyantse, Shigatse and Lhatse. From east Everest base camp it reaches to north Everest base camp through Rongphu monastery. After admiring the beautiful mountainous scenery from east and north Everest base camp trek returns Kathmandu through Old Tingri and Nyalam. Trekking in Tibet means mixture of walking and driving because in Tibet distance between the places is very far which is not possible only from walking so some time you need to drive. During Tibet trekking Ecological trek provides all camping equipment, while trekking you will carry small day pack bag and all equipment and luggage will be carried by yaks, truck or jeep. Ecological treks have included some of the most popular and adventurous trekking destination of the Tibet in Tibet Trekking Package. If you are interested to go trek in other places of Tibet which are not included in our Tibet trekking package we will design itinerary for that trek as per your request.