Mount Kailash Tour in Tibet


Mount Kailash is the religiously significant place for the people related to three religions: Hindu, Buddhist and Jain. And it is the sources of three mighty rivers: Indus, Brahmaputra and Karnali Tibetan Buddhists believe Kang Rinpoche, which means Precious Snow Mountain, is a natural Mandala representing the Buddhist cosmology on the earth and the Jain believe that this is the place where their religion's founder was spiritually awakened. In Hinduism, it is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva and a place of eternal bliss. This mount Kailash is a representation of his home, as actual Shivalaya (Home of Shiva Mahadev) is different. It is above the 14 lok of Brahma, 14 lok of Vishnu, 28 lok of Rudra, 56 lok of Shiva. And this Kailash Mountain is mentioned in Shiva Puran, Hindus holy book. Kailash Mountain is located near Lake Manasarowar and Lake Rakshastal in Tibet. Every year; thousands make a pilgrimage to Kailash, following a tradition going back thousands of years. Pilgrims of several religions believe that circumambulating Mount Kailash on foot is a holy ritual that will bring good fortune and ultimate salvation. The peregrination is made in a clockwise direction by Hindus and Buddhists. Followers of the Jain and Bönpo religions circumambulate the mountain in a counterclockwise direction. The path around Mount Kailash is 52 km long. This holy region is known as navel, center of the universe, attracting scholars and researchers from all over the world. This tour definitely provides a spiritually inspiring, naturally distinctive and a truly gratifying journey of a life-time. This is the romantic tour to Mount Kailash through Zhamu. From Kathmandu we will reach to Friendship Bridge in Nepal China border by bus. We will reach to Zhamu after crossing the bridge and make short drive. From Zhamu we will reach to Mount Kailash after completing the romantic journey of Nyalam, Saga and Paryang.

After visiting the Mount Kailash we will return via same route. On the way we will encounter with numerous unusual species of birds, wildlife and flora. Tour expert of Ecological trek has designed Kailash Tour (Zhamu – Kailash) itineraries. We tried our best to include all the important places in our itineraries. If you are interested to visit other places which are not included in our package we will redesign our itinerary of Kailash Tour (Zhamu – Kailash) as per your request.


Day 01: Kathmandu- Nylam, (3750m.), 155 KMs
Day 02: KMSNylam-PeluguTso, (4595m.) 57 KMs
Day 03: Saga,4280m.
Day 04: Payang,(4750m.), 255 KMs
Day 05: LakeManasarovar, (4560m.), 260 KMs
Day 06: Darchen (4560m.), 30 KMs
Day 07-08: Kailash Circuit trek - Diraphuk : (6 hours)
Day 1: Darchen- Diraphuk
Day 2: Dhiraphuk- Zutrulphuk
Day 3: The final day of parikrama is an easy 2-3 hours of walk down to where the river emerges on to the Barga plain.
Day 09:
Day 10: LAKE Manasarovar - Rest day or self-exploration
Day 11: LAKE Manasarovar –Paryang
Day 12: Paryang –Saga
Day 13: Saga-Nylam
Day 14: Back to Nylamand kathmandu