Bardia Jungle Safari Tour

Bardia Jungle Safari Tour

Bardia National Park is situated in Bardia district, 585 km south west of Kathmandu valley. This is the largest national park in the lowland area of Nepal. The park comprises 968 sq. km, east of Karnali River. You can reach Bardia National Park with a long bus ride over the far west of Nepal. But if you are allergic to bus rides and want to save time, it is possible to fly to Nepalgunj and cut the bus transport.

In terms of jungle safari Chitwan Jungle Safari and Bardia Jungle Safari resembles many things. But what makes Bardia Jungle Safari different from Chitwan Jungle Safari is it’s isolated landscape. Beside this isolated landscape you can also watch wild elephants, freshwater dolphins, blue cows, swamp deer and black antelopes, which are not found in Chitwan National Park.

In Bardia Jungle Safari, trips that are available for the visitors are cycling tour to black buck area, elephant back safari, nature walk, birds watching, isolated villages and surrounding farmlands, Tharu cultural program, rafting in Karnali and visiting the Karnali Bridge. The main disadvantage of Bardia is that it is far from Kathmandu valley in comparision to Chitwan National Park. But, when you reach to Bardia you forget far distance and start to enjoy with its isolated geography surrounded by rare and non-rare animals and it’s heart touching and eyes pleasing natural beauty.

You will get a better chance of seeing a Royal Bangal Tiger in Bardia than anywhere else in Nepal. Most of the 968 sq. km park is covered with the mixture of grassland, sarvannah and with open sal forest. Most visitors go Bardia Jungle Safari with the hope of seeing Royal Bangal Tiger, but there are also blue cow, wild elephant, black buck antelopes, swamp deer, leopards, jungle cats, langur and rhesus monkeys and one horned rhino was also introduced here in Bardia from Chitwan. So, you will not miss the chance to see one horned rhino here in Bardia too.

Chance of being familiar with Tharu culture and rafting in Karnali River are the additional attraction of Bardia Jungle Safari Tour. You can go Bardia Jungle Safari through elephant back, through jeep and canoeing. It is also possible to enter the park on foot, although you need to take an experienced guide.

Bardia Jungle Safari Tour Itinerary

Day 01: Upon arrival at the bus stop or at the Nepalgunj airport meet our office representative and transfer to the resort.

Ø  Refreshing, brief about the program

Ø  Have lunch and rest

Ø  Cultural tour, visit Tharu village and park visitor center

Ø  Sunset view from the river bank

Ø  Dinner and slide show about flora-fauna

Day 02: Wake up call, tea-coffee drink and breakfast

Ø  Nature walk

Ø  Enjoy ox-cart ride or jeep drive to back to the resort

Ø  Have lunch and rest

Ø  Encountering wildlife on elephant back safari or jeep drive

Ø  Dinner and Tharu culture dance show

Day 03: Wake up call, tea-coffee drink and breakfast

Ø  Jungle excursion tour

Ø  Have lunch and rest

Ø  Visiting wildlife sanctuary

Ø  Dinner and discussion about wildlife

Day 04: Wake up call, tea-coffee drink

Ø  Bird watching tour

Ø  Have breakfast and packing

Ø  Transfer to the bus station or Nepalgunj airport for departure