Bhutan Travel Information

Bhutan being a tiny, land-locked and Buddhist Himalayan country covers 4,700 sq km. Kingdom of Bhutan is lined with Tibet to the north and India to the south, east, and west. Bhutan is that the mysterious country close within the Himalaya Mountains and guarded by the compound geography of the high mountains and deep valleys. Bhutan is blessed with a variety of flora and fauna, arts and artifacts. These special features have created Bhutan to be really a paradise.

This tiny Buddhist Kingdom is also known Land of the Thunder Dragon – one of the most sought after travel destinations today. Bhutan have superbly preserved ancient tradition, lifestyles, rituals, arts, and culture as no outsider is allowed to enter Bhutan. And therefore ever since, it had been opened for the outsider, Bhutan has been an attractive destination to several travelers from round the world. You will encounter with miracles right from the moment you step into Bhutan, you will be amazed and pleased at the same time with lofty peaks, waterfalls, mysterious and wonderful Buddhist monasteries, arts and architecture, diverse flora and fauna, these all have made Bhutan to be place for worth spending your holiday trip.

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